Aqua Sphere Swim Tether


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Whether you’re looking for more effective training techniques, or you are training for a long distance swim in a small pool, the Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer turns any pool into an endless lane for your personal use.


The simple structure of the stationary swimmer allows users to swim endlessly in one place, practicing their full stroke without ever having to stop. The Stationary Swimmer simply wraps around any handle, ladder, or other solid pool-side structure, allowing users to practice laps anywhere: above-ground pools, spas, etc.


This swim tether features non-slip neoprene padding around the ankles and durable tubing that provides plenty of resistance. The ankle straps utilize Velcro closures to allow users to easily fasten and unfasten while underwater. Its no-nonsense design makes the Stationary Swimmer an easy-as-pie tool to use on the daily.

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