Finis Floating Long Fin


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Finis Floating Long Fins Features:

  • Long blade provides resistance in the water for maximum forward propulsion
  • Elongates kick by teaching swimmers to kick from their hips and not their knees
  • Buoyancy from the fins lifts legs to the surface, reducing drag from the rest of the body
  • Great for fitness and competitive swimmers to build cardiovascular conditioning
  • Natural rubber provides a secure and comfortable fit

Additional information

Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 20.00 × 10.00 × 4.00 in
Fins Size/Color

Blue/Green Junior Foot Size 8-11, Blue/Orange Junior Foot Size 11-1, Blue/Yellow Foot Size 1-3, Red/Black Foot Size 3-5, Red/Blue Foot Size 5-7, Red/Grey Foot Size 7-9, Black/Red Foot Size 9-11, Black/Navy Foot Size11-13, Black/Green Foot Size 13-14

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