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Junior Provincials 7-9 2019 Swimming Matters will be not be set up at the pool but will be located at the store that weekend.Just 1 block west of the Pan Am Pool. The corner of Grant Avenue and Waverly. But come stop by the store and get all your last minute swimming essentials!

Man/Sask July 4-7 2019. We will be set up at the pool that weekend and ready to go to help you with all your swimming needs. Need something we may normally not carry or bring with us to the pool? Please drop us a line and let us know and we may be able to bring it with us for you!

2 thoughts on “up and coming events

  1. At Mansask Provincial Championships(July 4-7) is there going to be store set up in the Pan Am Pool?

    1. Hi Sky
      Yes we will be set up at the Pan Am for Man/Sask. Was there anything special you were needing or wanting us to bring that we normally would not?

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